Free Employment Law Advice

Employment law can be a complicated area of law to fully understand. To help you decide if you have a valid claim, we have produced a free reference guide that gives a brief overview of the most common areas. However you should always seek the advice of a specialist employment law solicitor before issuing a Tribunal claim or instigating the ACAS Early Conciliation process.

We have also provided some useful links to other resources on the web.

Before you look at the information, may we refer you to the Legal Notice.

Our reference material has been split into the following sections:

Time limits for bringing a Tribunal claim
How long must I have worked to bring a Tribunal claim
ACAS and Early Conciliation
Employment Tribunal Procedure
Who is an employee? 
Employers’ Obligations 
Employers’ Statement of Terms 
Notice of termination of employment
Unfair Dismissal Claim 
Constructive Unfair Dismissal Claim 
Wrongful Dismissal Claim / Breach of Contract Claim 
Compromise / Settlement Agreements
Redundancy Claim
Introduction to Discrimination Claims
Discrimination claims – The Burden of Proof
Race Discrimination Claim
Sex or Sexual Orientation Discrimination claim
Pregnancy or Maternity Discrimination
Religion or Religious Belief Discrimination Claim
Disability Discrimination Claim
Age Discrimination Claim
Flexible Working Claim 
Parental Leave 
Paternity Leave
Adoption / Surrogacy Leave 
Sick Pay 
National Minimum Wage 
Fixed Term Workers 
Agency Workers / Casual Workers 
Part Time Workers 
Whistle Blowing Claim 
Working Time Directive 
Transfer of Undertakings (“TUPE”) 
Stress Claims – Tribunal or County Court 
Employment Tribunal Fees
Legal Costs in Employment Tribunals