After being treated the way I was at my previous employers, I had no choice but to resign and jump onto the un-employment road. My sister had advised me to take them to court for what they had done. I went in search for a no win – no fee Solicitor as this was the only option I had at the time. I was contacted by Dean Morris who had taken my case on board and had things rolling in just a matter of days.

I received excellent service from Morris Legal, Dean is very professional and kept me updated from start to finish. He kept me motivated to collect the correct information for my case to get the best outcome. As a result of this he had settled my case days before court with a settlement that left me speechless. Dean has a lot of knowledge and is good at what he does. I did not have much confidence in the no win – no fee method until now…. Justice has been served !!! Thank you again Dean!

11/10/2012 – By N.K.


After being treated the way I was at my previous employers, I had no choice but to resign and jump onto the un-employment road. My sister had advised me to take them to court for what they had done. I went in search for a no win – no fee Solicitor as this was the only option I had at the time. I was contacted by Dean Morris who had taken my case on board and had things rolling in just a matter of days. I received excellent service from Morris Legal, Dean is very professional and kept me updated from start to finish. He kept me motivated to collect the correct information for my case to get the best outcome. As a result of this he had settled my case days before court with a settlement that left me speechless. Dean has a lot of knowledge and is good at what he does. I did not have much confidence in the no win – no fee method until now…. Justice has been served !!!Thank you Dean! 

08/10/12 – By Jo Parsons


Having used Dean Morris for a complicated employment/discrimmination case…..i was delighted with the service he gave.From beginning to end i was kept well informed of everything i needed to know.Despite my case being difficult to prove he
took me on on a no win no fee basis which was amazing as other solicitors had turned me away.Although it was a very difficult case Dean kept me upbeat about the whole tribunal experiance.He managed to get me an out of court settlement at the very last
moment. I would highly recommend Dean to anyone in need of an excellent solicitor. A 5 STAR SERVICE.

05/10/12 – By JT


The service Dean Morris gave me was great, my case was difficult but he was very helpful and made the choices I had clear. His charges were very reasonable and I would definitely recommend to others. Thank you very much.

10/09/12 – By SI


The service i recieved from Dean Morris was excellent. Dean was very professional and knowledgeable Please do not hesitate to use the services of Morris Legal. Thanks for your help.

07/09/12 – By RD


Dean Morris assisted me successfully with a tribunal case. He was helpful and thorough and explained my choices clearly. I would definitely recommend him.

20/08/12 – By Cath Sturch


I had a very difficult case and the solicitors have explained everything through out the process would not hesitate to use them again.

14/08/12 – By S Cocking


Excellent service and very professional. Please do not hesitate to use the services of Morris Legal. I would recommend, as for fees don’t really know how this compares and if you are happy as I was with the service and outcome then this is secondary.So for me 100% rating.

14/08/12 – By Anonymous


Very good helpfull

19/07/12 – By W.G


Dean’s advice was from a standpoint of expert knowledge of the subject and he explained issues very well. Communication was kept to a level of that which was required at the time and I felt that worked very well in my case. I felt reassured and had confidence with Dean’s handling of my case and he obtained a negotiated settlement for me which was acceptable, against the background of
resistance from the other party. I would certainly recommend Morris Legal without hesitation.

10/07/12 – By JLB


Great service, very helpful, would recommend.

19/06/12 – By Adrian Pearce


I found the service from Morris Legal was very good, first class indeed. There charges
are very reasonable. I will definitely recommend them to others.
The way Morris Legal goes about things is very proffessional.

17/05/12 – By Andy Saxon


I was made redundant in September by a person I considered to be a friend on the ground of the “downturn in the economy”. Having taken advice from Citizen Advice & been given a list of solicitors who could help me, it became very apparent that nobody wanted to take on my case unless I paid a vast some of money with no guarantees. Out of despiration I used Google to see if anything could be done on a legal aid or no win no fee basis – this was the best thing I have ever done !! Morris legal (Dean) rang me the same day, understood my situation & gave me sound advice. The paperwork followed within 7 days & although the process is a long drawn out affair (registering for a tribunal) he took most of the stress & pain out of the situation. He worked with me, advised me all the way & at the eleventh hour a mutually acceptable financial settlement was reached.If you feel that you have a case, I suggest you give Morris Legal a ring after all it will only cost you the price of a phonecall! Dean is excellent in what he does representing the individual on a no win no fee basis against your employer. I cannot recommend them highly enough – give them a call you have NOTHING TO LOSE & EVERYTHING TO GAIN !!!! Thanks again Dean

16/05/12 – By Paul Cole


I found Mr.Morris to be effiecent and professional and made my stressful situation easier by his clear and supportive advise. The cost was in line for other solicitors for a No win No fee case. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dean Morris to anyone in need of an Employment Law Solicitor.

16/05/12 – By T. Best


Excellent service by a company of the highest quality and professionalism Dean took all the worry and stress away by speaking plain English and did a great job for me .

17/04/12 – By Anonymous


Excellent service was given to me by dean, he gave clear advice that i could understand and did not over complicate things. It was a no win no fee basis so i think what dean earned from my win he deserved as he put a lot of work into it. I would not hesitate in recommending dean morris to anyone he is an excellent solicitor who will give you honest advice and work hard to win your case.

20/03/12 – By Anonymous


The service i recieved from dean morris was excellent, dean gave me advice that i was able to understand and supported me through a very stressfull time which lead up to the employment tribunal. I was on a no win no fee basis so the money dean earned from winning my case i felt he deserved as he put in a considerable amount of work over the time leading up to
the tribunal. I would not hesitate in recommending dean to help you with employment issues, you will not regret it.

29/02/12 – By Tim C


I was referred to Dean Morris via a company I found by searching for a no-win-no-fee service. After discussing my circumstances he agreed to take me on as a client and he reassured me about some things i was worried about. There was a point where I was feeling a little left out of the loop, but this is more a reflection on me as I’m sure most people would prefer to be saved the hassle and worry of all the ins and outs. Ultimately, my ex-employer settled before tribunal, based mainly on the strength of my witness statement which Dean and I put together. Though I was prepared to go to tribunal, you never know what will happen even with the best case, so I think the outcome Dean achieved was the best possible scenario. Fully recommended.

24/02/12 – By Lorraine


My Case was heard at an Employment Tribunal. I found this Company to be very professional and well organised in sorting out my claim especially the help and advice received from Mr D Morris. He advised me and assisted my claim on a no win no fee basis. He fought my case and made things easy for me to understand. He guided me from start to finish and I was awarded a very desirable settlement figure 1 week before the final hearing. I would certainly recommend this Company in the future to all my friends and family.

17/02/12 – By Daniel Grieve


I would Highly Recommend Dean morris as was very prompt and professional in dealing with my tribunal and got the matter sorted without having to go through the process of court , I was extremely impressed with deans knowledge of employment law and in dealing with my case , so would recommend dean morris solicitors to anyone that needs legal help in any matter , thanks again dean excellent service .

09/02/12 – By Mrs Hubble


GOOD SERVICE came to an agreement out of court. Dean did all work I just supplied paper work he needed i would recommend Dean to any one who need help with employment matters.

09/02/12 – By Bill


Dean Morris from Morris Legal was recommended to us having helped an aquaintance in securing a disability discrimination unfair dismissal claim. Following an illness I was dismissed from my job on the grounds of capability. My case was an employment tribunal and I know that I could not have gone through the process without legal help. I would recommend Morris Legal to others and you do not have to live in the Solihul area where they are based, to use them.

25/01/12 – By John Legge


Although I did not eventually fully utilise the excellent services of Morris Legal due to a change in my personal circumstances I would certainly recommend them. Very professional and knowledgeable.

12/01/12 – By Nigel Wilkinson


I would so recommend Dean as a Solictor, he is outstanding couldn’t ask for someone better. It didn’t even need to go to court . To know that I didn’t do this because of the money, just because what I went trough was wrong .. And to know I won is an outstanding feeling .. Thank u dean xxx

03/01/12 – By Madeline Everett


After 13 years of loyal employment, I was dismissed, for a general human error. Dean agrreed to take on my case, he was thorough, approachable, and professional. We managed to settle, without attending a tribunal hearing. I am extremely happy with the outcome, and above most I have cleared my name. Thankyou Dean.

15/12/11 – By Aldwin Roy Williamson


I came across Dean after being made redundant and the union would not take up my fight, Dean listened and understood how I felt about being cast onto the unemployment scrap heap. Dean took on my fight and was soon finding flaws on my ex-employers reasons for my demise in their employment.Dean is fantastic in his knowledge of the employment law and kept me up to date every step of the way through the process of going to tribunal . My ex-employer settled out of court six days before the tribunal date. I would highly recommend Dean Morris to anyone having employment issues with employers, Many thanks Dean for your help and guidance through a difficult time for me.

16/11/11 – By Tracy

Thank goodness for dean who won my case, I was heavily pregnant when he first took on my case and he took the majority of my stress away which allowed me to enjoy my pregnancy. A really nice genuine guy who believed in me and has helped me to move
on from probably the worst experience in my life. Well worth the 35% no win no fee. Thank you so much as I couldn’t have done it without you!!

03/11/11 – By Bernie J

Following dismissal after 20 years of service on spurious claims against me, my insurance legal protection proved a waste of time and my fight to claim expenses for this case is now ongoing against them. I have known Dean for a number of years and was always my number 1 choice for heading up my claim against my former employer. Where insurance panel solicitors failed due to their misjudgement and slowness in dealing with urgent matters, Dean excelled and won this case for me. A sattifactory settlement was agreed some 10 days before the e/t date/s and although I still have venom for my employer and the way I have been treated after so many loyal years of service, the outcome now allows me to move on and look for other doors to open. Dean was professional in his approach, even when the balance appeared to have tipped out of my favour he never gave up and read between the lines which is what I’d been seeing all along, I just wanted somebody on my side to see the flaws in their claims against me.

******** Employment problems, contact Dean Morris *********
If you want a fighting chance with somebody I believe to be profficient, professional and with a wealth of knowledge and any chance of winning your case is important to you, you would be hard pressed to find anybody better. Thanks Dean.

28/10/11 – By Blake Stiles

Dean took on my case on a no win no fee basis. Dean was very thorough and efficient. He gave great guidance to deliver a fantastic result, with the minimum of fuss or disruption to me at what was a stressful time. We settled six days before the tribunal. Thankyou Dean.

08/10/11 – By Annette Gillhespy

The service Dean offered was exceptional and highly efficient. It was a stressful time and not a straightforward case. Dean kept me updated and informed at all times. Even though we had to go all the way to tribunial this was by no way a reflection on Dean. The result was better than anyone could have wished for. Thankyou Dean and all those in the background. Highly recommended.

03/10/11 – By Anonymous

My own experience with Dean Morris and his team has been nothing but positive. They are a thoroughly professional firm, and kept me informed of the progress of my case every step of the way. Dean negotiated a very favourable settlement on my behalf before the case came before the tribunal. If you need a solicitor who specialises in this area of employment law I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

14/09/11 – By Catherine Prince

Dean Morris has been my rock through what has been an extremely stressful 9 months. I would like to thank Dean for all his help and guidance throughout my case which I would also like to point out that he managed to agree an out of court settlement just days before the hearing. He kept me informed every step of the way and was very professional and extremely easy to talk to. Once again thankyou Dean

07/09/11 – By Piotr

I would highly recommend the solicitor – Dean Morris is very effective, professional and simply friendly. My case (unfair dismissal) settled out of court the day the tribunal with very satisfactory result. Once again – thank you Dean!

23/08/11 – By Martin Summers

A fantastic result with Morris legal, I found there services hassle free considering we agreed on a ‘no win no fee basis’. I would personally recommend there services to anybody whom feels they have been unfairly treated or dismissed from work. Brilliant

27/07/11 – By Jackie

I can’t recommend Dean highly enough. From day one of taking my case he was super efficient. Ran rings around my former employers (in my opinion) and we settled out of court 4 days before the tribunal. Well done Dean!

20/07/11 – By Rachel Button

Very good service always quick to reply to emails and phone calls was told what he was doing every step of the way and how things were going would recommend them.

20/07/11 – By Anonymous

I would highly recommend Dean Morris, he was very supportive and provided great guidance and advise. He settled the claim the day before the tribunal.

23/06/11 – By Michael

I would likr to thank Dean Morris for handling my unfair dismissal case on a no win no fee basis. When we first spoke he was very helpful and explained some of the difficulties I might experience if I tried to do it myself at the same time not putting me under any pressure. After a satisfactory result I was very pleased that I agreed to Dean taking on my case. I would not hesitate to recommend Morris Legal Solicitors.

07/06/11 – By Sandra Bateman

I would like to thank Dean Morris for his advise, expertise, friendly manner and help during my unfair dissmissal case, with the ” no win-no fee ” it help me tremedously, I would recommend him.

12/05/11 – By Anonymous

Dean is a top man if you have problems in your work – would highly recommend.

10/05/11 – By Anonymous

I would like to say Dean Morris of Morris Legal was very supportive through a very difficult time. He resolved and settled out of court the day before the tribunal. I would highly recommend Dean & Morris legal. Thank you for all your help.

03/05/11 – By Richard Smith

Constructive Dismissal Case 2010/11 I considered myself to have been left with no other option than to resign from my job after six and a quarter years of good service. The demands being put upon me were too much. I contacted a solicitor who declined my case on the grounds that it was too close to call. After looking on the internet I found Morris Legal and sent them an email. Dean Morris responded quickly asking me to send a full chapter and verse account of the events leading up to my resignation. After looking at my case Dean said he thought there was a chance of success and was prepared to represent me on a no win no fee basis. I was kept fully informed throughout the period leading up to the hearing. Thanks to Dean’s skills the result was a five figure settlement the day before the tribunal. I would not hesitate to recommend Morris Legal Solicitors to anyone in need of good service and advice with regard to employment issues.

05/04/11 – By Anonymous

Would recommend without hesitation, easy to deal with and great result – Thank you!

13/03/11 – By Peter Portman

There should be more professional people like Dean and his team, this is the reason they are so succesfull in what they do. They kept me informed and updated on my case at all times and when you left messages or emailed them they always replied in
good time. I will not hesatate to recommened them to anyone that was treated unfair in any mater to contact them and get some feedback regarding there case. Well done Dean to you and your team and thank you for a positive outcome( not only financially but peace of mind for my move forward in my career)

04/02/11 – By Andrew Henstock

The service was exceptional. I was kept informed at every stage and what I paid was well worth the amount charged.
I would recommend and already have.

21/01/11 – By Anonymous

Thanks Morris Legal for an amazing outcome!! I would highly recommend Dean to everyone!! My case was a constructive dismissal against a Large company. Morris Legal negotiated an excellent figure and I finally feel some justification! Dean’s work is superb!! He will reply in emails, explain things to you in simple terms If you ever need an employment solicitor be assured that Morris Legal is the best. Once again Dean thank you so much !!!

27/01/11 – By Anonymous

I have used Dean’s company twice now in relation to employment law matters and would not hesitate to recommend them. Superb service from a totally down-to-earth, pragmatic and trustworthy guy.

18/12/10 – By Vicky

Dean was superb! He replies to emails, keeps call times down and gives a great service. Dean is knowledgeable in his field but doesn’t make you feel stupid, he enables you to make the decisions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Morris Legal to anyone looking for a good employment solicitor!

10/12/10 – By Paul Evans

I contacted Dean from this practice and he is such a nice guy. He is genuine and talks in the peoples language and not in solicitors jargon. If you dont understand he will explain it to you. I would certainly recommend this Solicitor, and i for sure would use again, hopefully wont have to. The case he done for me was for Unfair Dismissal against a large company. Great job and thanks again for all your time and patience Dean. Highly recommend. Many Thanks

29/11/10 – By Paul Jones

Dean is a very friendly and understanding guy but also very professional. Felt as those all the stress had been lifted 🙂 Would recommend to others. Thank You Dean

19/11/10 – By Graeme Marriott

Couldn’t be happier with the service In my tribunal case we got a very favourable Settlement one of witch, without Dean’s attention
To detail we would of missed. Would highly recommend. 10 stars if they had them.

18/11/10 – By Merran Lawrence

Brilliant! helped me in every aspect of my Tribunal and the outcome was £18136 awarded to me and my name cleared. Thanks very much Dean!

15/11/10 – By Susan

Dean of Morris Legal represented me in a complex (at least I thought it was) employment dispute. I found him to be professional and efficient throughout and I won considerably more than I expected. Dean’s expertise also removed the stress of the whole process. i highly recommend Morris Legal to anyone engaged in an employment dispute.

04/11/10 – By Amanda Gill

Fought well in my corner, would certainly recommend to others, fair costs, A very friendly company.

18/10/10 – By Mr Martin

wowww if theres ever a man that can its our mr morris, very down to earth, positive. no flies on this chap. highly recommendable service thank you, i cant thank him enough.

02/08/10 – By Frank

Dean knows his stuff when it comes to, not just employment law, but its application in practice. There is, though, nothing ‘stuffy’ about Dean – he’s very amicable and down to earth. If your grievance is primarily law-related, then Dean’s the man for you.

22/07/10 – By Guy Wheeler

Dean took my case at extremely short notice and put a fantastic case together for my employment tribunal. I felt throughout my hearing that everything was brilliantly under control from our side even though my employers had taken up the services of a barrister to argue their corner, the points that Dean brought up were not even thought of by my employers and were indeed extremely valuable to my case. Dean is an easy going solicitor that makes you feel at ease and is extremely fair and

helpful. I would recommend Dean to anyone who needs a friendly face and ear, but who can also show his turly professional side to the face of everyone else.

29/06/10 – By JB

A truely remarkable solicitor. Blew the respondents out of the water and he got me the best result possible. Highly recommendable. Thank you so much Dean.

22/06/10 – By Graham

great service i only wanted to prove that my ex employers had been incorrect in making me redundent and dean morris did that for me with ease plus a bonus payment the man knows his job and does it very well i would reccomend dean morris to anyone who thinks they have been mistreated by an employer speak to dean and he will give you no bull—- if it can be done he is the man to do it.

04/05/10 – By Anonymous

Found them through the Internet and couldn’t have been any luckier Dean is a very down to earth guy kept me informed throughout my case and i honestly cant recommend this solicitor high enough anyone looking an honest and reliable solicitor these are the guys to deal with.

29/04/10 – Rating by Anonymous

Very happy with the way Dean dealt with my Unfair Dismissal and he was helpful and informative throughout. Settled without the need for a Tribunal and I am pleased with the result. If you have an employment issue I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank You.

18/04/10 – By David Ewing

Excellent service, good communication and support throughout and the outcome was better than I had ever hoped for.

30/03/10 – By Anonymous

My insurers wouldn’t pay my costs because they felt my case wasn’t strong enough. Dean Morris thought otherwise and my ex employer and I settled without the need for tribunal. Throughout Dean was professional, methodical and supportive. I’m very glad
indeed that he was recommended to me.

24/03/10 – By Jenna Eaton

I thought I was self employed for 7 years (because I was told I had to be) After being dismissed-no longer required, I turned to Dean, my first dealings with a Solicitor and was amazed right from the start how positive and thorough he was. Not being a very confident person outside my confort zone, I didn’t believe I had a case at all. Dean seemed to think I had a very good chance and worked his magic. We wond the case that I should have been employed all those years and settled out of court regarding
the dismissal – beyond my wildest imatination, this was acheived. I would strongly recommend Dean, he knows his stuff and I will never forget the experience, how he pulled the evidence against me apart in court.

02/03/10 – By Tracy

Dean Morris is an absolute marvel. He took me on when no one else would listen and got a brilliant result. He listens, takes everything in and fights your corner better than Henry Cooper or Mohammed Ali ever could! All you rotten employers beware!

27/02/10 – By Erin

I was very pleased with the service provided by Dean Morris. He offered me advice when I was still battling to stay in my job, and then at the end when I was shocked and angry at the treatment that forced my resignation. He did the heavy lifting for me when I emotionally couldn’t and ensured I didn’t just let it go. I must admit to occasionally feeling that it was a bit cold and impersonal and to sometimes feeling out of the loop, but I was never upset by this and Dean obviously knew what he was doing and I always felt the case was in the right hands. Given all the variables my settlement was satisfactory and I did feel vindicated at the very end. A very high recommendation and thanks to Dean and everyone at Morris Legal.

26/02/10 – By Michael Dodson

I was very happy with dean morris his charge was good but would tell every one to go to him not through 3rd party I found dean morris great he works all hours not just 9 till 5 I will strongly recommend to others service was really good.

15/02/10 – By Rob

I found Morris Legal through the Internet and did not really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised and found them to be extremely efficient and helpful. It is sometimes difficult to devote the time necessary with face to face meetings, Morris Legal did all I could ask for over the internet. There were frequent phone conversations to keep me informed throughout my case and a satisfactory conclusion was reached. I would reccommend them to anyone and certainly would have no hesitation in using them again should the need ever arise.

09/01/10 – By Anonymous

Dean took up my case for unfair dismissal. His approach to my case was exceptional and of the highest standard.Dean stood his ground against my previous employer until they backed down before we went to the tribunal. I would highly recommend Dean if
its an Employment issue. Thank you once again.

26/11/09 – By Jez Horn

Dean was the fourth solicitor I contacted, he was the only solicitor to accept my case which dealt with unfair dismissal. He’s down to earth and easy to talk to. He really put in a massive amount of work and shows no fear when it gets to the bargaining table. He also supplies information in layman’s terms without fuss or confusion. And thanks to him, my case was dealt with quickly and efficiently with a very pleasant outcome. Thanks Dean !

28/07/09 – By RB & SB

dean morris is a great solicitor who is down to earth,very freindly with a welth of knowledge who knows how to get the best outcome to a case if anyone should have any problem with ex -employers give dean a call it will be worth the phone call.

21/07/09 – By Anonymous

I was amazed at how well my case was dealt with. So expertly done from start to finish. Although I was very stressed out Dean was able to reassure me that things would be ok ,thanks to Dean Morris they were. I would strongly recommend this solicitor to anyone who finds him or herself the same as I was.Unfairly Dismissed from my job. Thanks again for all your hard work, Dean.

24/06/09 – By Anonymous

I was highly stressed when I could not find a solicitor to deal my case at the last minute. I found Dean Morris website and emailed him, within five minitues i received call from Dean and happy to deal my case. He was helpful and I got a very good outcome. I would recommend Dean Morris to my friend and family without any hesitation. Thanks Dean

03/06/09 – By Anonymous

Dean Morris, he was very helpful during the matter with my ex employers. he got me a good outcome and very suportive and gave me really good advice. i am very happy with all the help he has gave me and would recomend morris legal solicitors to everyone.

02/03/09 – By Anonymous

Excellent service, no win no fee is what it says and this is what he does. Frank honest advice, practical, pragmatic and above all confident of his postion. Well worth recommending to others. Approachable and trust worthy what more can I say.

30/01/09 – By Anonymous

Thanks Dean at Morris Legal for a great job for gaining me an out of court settlement.The trade union that I paid subs for over 20 years to, failed me, telling me that they wouldn’t take my case because their Legal team couldn’t possible win .Anybody who feels they have a case and even their union won’t listen ,don’t give up, Call Morris Legal

30/01/09 – By Scott Thacker

I am proud to acknowledge that I am very pleased with Dean Morris from Morris Legal for the services given to me. I was happy with the outcome of my dispute with my employer. Most of all, I got the necessary confidence I needed throughout. Morris Legal sure has the best solicitors.

28/01/09 – By Ngowari Diminas

The service I have received was excellent and the outcome they got me was brilliant.

27/01/09 – By Anonymous

The service provided by Morris Legal was fantastic – very satisfied! I received expert advice from Mr Morris who was easy to talk to and contact. I always received prompt responses and Mr Morris was very supportive. My employment case was settled much quicker than I expected – superb! 😮

26/01/09 – By Anonymous