We are happy to offer free employment law advice and a free initial assessment of your case.

There are three methods of funding our fees for bringing your claim, they are:

  • No Win No Fee;
  • Hourly Rate or;
  • Legal Expenses Insurance.
  • No Win No Fee 
    Subject to a favourable assessment of the merits and depending upon the value of your claim, we may offer to represent you on a No Win No Fee basis.Our usual fee for representing in this way is usually calculated as a maximum of 35% (including VAT) of any damages they recover for you either by way of a negotiated settlement of your claim or after a Tribunal hearing plus payment of any disbursements incurred on your behalf (usually limited to travel costs). If you are happy to proceed on this basis, we will send you a No Win No Fee agreement together with a full explanation of how this method of funding works. Once you have had opportunity to consider the same, if you wish to continue, you will be asked to sign and return the agreement after which we will represent you as your nominated solicitor.
  • Hourly rate (payable win or lose)
    We can also represent you on a traditional hourly rate (plus VAT at the current rate) which is payable win or lose. How much you pay will be dependant upon the amount of time spent on your case and the level of experience of your legal representative; for example the hourly rate may vary between £150 for a junior or newly qualified solicitor to £250 per hour for a Partner.Full details will be provided to you should you choose this option.If you prefer this option then you will be entitled to retain 100% of any damages you recover but please remember these fees are payable win or lose.
  • Insurance Cover 
    If you have the benefit of legal expenses insurance which is often provided under a household insurance policy or other similar insurance related product, we can assist you in submitting an application to cover your legal fees.The benefit of such cover is that your insurer meets a proportion of your legal fees (almost never all of them) and you keep 100% of your damages.Please note however if your application is successful, your insurer may insist that you use one of their own panel solicitors and not your nominated solicitor with whom you may have developed a rapport. It is therefore worth bearing in mind that an insurer cannot generally restrict your right to appoint a solicitor of your choice if your claim has already been issued in the Employment Tribunal; something that you may wish to discuss with us. We usually agree to prepare and issue your Tribunal claim without charge in these circumstances so that the insurers cannot object to our appointment as your nominated Solicitor.

Tribunal Fees

In addition, since 29 July 2013, there are fees payable for bringing and pursuing an Employment Tribunal claim. These fees are your responsibility unless you can claim remission from having to pay the fees depending on your financial circumstances. For further infomation see www.got-the-boot.com/Tribunal-Fees/

What next?

Once you have decided to pursue a claim in the Employment Tribunal, we will provide a pragmatic assessment of your case and tell you whether or not we can assist you on a No Win No Fee basis.

It is then for you to decide whether you want to proceed on this basis by signing and returning a copy of their No Win No Fee agreement.

Alternatively once you have considered our assessment you may decide to fund your claim by paying a traditional hourly rate or by making an application under your legal expenses insurance.