Does an employer have to give you a job reference?


An employer is under no legal obligation to give a former employee a job reference at all. However, if they do give a reference, they are under a legal duty to give an accurate one. This is why many employers only provide factual references stating the name, job tile and dates of employment only to avoid being held liable for any inaccurate more detailed job references.


If an employer gives an inaccurate or negligent job reference, the employee can sue their former employer to recover damages. This claim is brought in the County Court NOT the Employment Tribunal. The former employee must have suffered financial loss ie. that the ex-employee failed to get a new job because of the bad reference and lose the income that new job would have provided. Legal Aid may be available to assist you pursue such a claim.




Before any such claim can be entertained you really need to obtain a copy of the offending reference or the detail of an oral one. You may wish to make a Data Protection Act or Subject Access Request to secure this information from either the provider of the reference or the recipient. More informatin can be obtained from theĀ ICO website.


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