Following dismissal after 20 years of service on spurious claims against me, my insurance legal protection proved a waste of time and my fight to claim expenses for this case is now ongoing against them. I have known Dean for a number of years and was always my number 1 choice for heading up my claim against my former employer. Where insurance panel solicitors failed due to their misjudgement and slowness in dealing with urgent matters, Dean excelled and won this case for me. A satisfactory settlement was agreed some 10 days before the e/t date/s and although I still have venom for my employer and the way I have been treated after so many loyal years of service, the outcome now allows me to move on and look for other doors to open. Dean was professional in his approach, even when the balance appeared to have tipped out of my favour he never gave up and read between the lines which is what I’d been seeing all along, I just wanted somebody on my side to see the flaws in their claims against me.
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If you want a fighting chance with somebody I believe to be proficient, professional and with a wealth of knowledge and any chance of winning your case is important to you, you would be hard pressed to find anybody better. Thanks Dean.